About Southern Urns

Every loved one deserves a beautiful, elegant resting place.

We are a small, family owned business based in Winston, Ga and we make handmade, artisanal cremation urns and keepsakes. We welcome retail business, but our primary business is wholesale to funeral homes.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality cremation urns and the highest level of personal service available. We know you value honesty, integrity and quality products from companies you deal with. We value those same things and we live each day by those values.

Because we are a small company, we can provide service and support that is often difficult for large companies. If you call us, you will be talking to someone who will treat you as we ourselves would like to be treated, who can make a decision and who can get you the answers you need.

If you are looking for an urn for a loved one, we’ve been there and we know how you feel. This is an important task for you and your family and we’ll help in any way we can. Our products are products that we would feel comfortable using for any of our family or for ourselves. Everyone has different tastes and we strive to offer many different designs from many different woods as we can in order to help you fit your purchase to your taste, your lifestyle and your budget.

If you represent a funeral home, we have you covered. We know time is usually of the essence and strive to get your product out the door the same day or, at the latest, the next business day. We believe in making your task as quick and as smooth as possible, so we’ve tried to make this site simple and uncluttered, plus we’ve made the text big enough for us baby boomers to read – even on a phone! In addition, we ship priority mail free and we make priority handling and next day delivery is available if you require it.